Nancy Lauler



After studying Art Education in college, I married and worked briefly as an elementary art teacher. Once our children started school, we moved to Minnesota. There, I learned to paint all over again, quickly moving from acrylics to oils. Painting kept me sane in the long Minnesota winters!

When our family was raised, we retired to the warmer climes in the Blue Ridge Mt. area of Virginia. After adjusting to our new home, I began painting again. The central Virginia valleys backing up to the Blue Ridge Mountains seem to offer an endless catalog of scenes for the landscape painter. As of late, I am discovering Plein Air painting. The learning process never ends.

What inspires me:

I have always been in love with the way a tree bends or changes color with the light, the way flowers stand like people in a crowd, or the way clouds float, sweep, congregate or mound. Even the colors in a dirt path or an ordinary paved road continue to amaze me. These things still affect me as they did when I was a child, in those carefree moments when I would just live in nature's glorious color and light. My challenge as an artist is to recapture those moments and try to share them with others. I choose oil as my medium because it is as fluid and organic as the subjects I am trying to portray. It allows me to improvise, meander, find my way as I go. I don't like to plan too much when I paint, because I sometimes change direction. It's more like a walk in the woods, a journey in which I'm not entirely sure of the outcome.


  • Oil Paintings
  • some done in studio and some "en plein air" (outdoors).